About Elizabeth

Hey, hi, how ya do'ern? Welcome to my internet crib where I like to write about running a business, lifting weights, making cool things, eating pizza and deep couch sitting. 

I'm married to #TheRocketScientist and together we're know as #TeamBeans. We started this venture 19 years ago and recently celebrated 10 years of marriage. He serves as the CEO and I am the CFO and although we are polar opposites we have built a pretty great life together. 

We live in sunny Seattle, WA and transplanted here about 11 years ago. Both born and bred in Buffalo, NY we are not only true Buffalo Bills fans, but we are also chicken wing experts. 

I run a small business in essential oils and have a little side-hustle doing hand lettering. Business is my lifeblood, but art is what keeps me going. 

I am a hip-hop, r&b and rap aficionado from the old school with a deep appreciation for these young bloods. You'll often read lyrics in my writing and Instagram posts so if you don't know, now you know. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you around here more!