How I Styled My Mantle For Halloween in 2017!

I love Halloween. I mean, I really LOVE it. 

spooky mantle full

Give me anything spooky. Skulls that I really just leave out all year, skeletons, black flowers, crows, spiders and webs, mesh...GIVE.IT.ALL.TO.ME.

Last year I decorated my mantle with all the spooky things even though we didn't even have furniture in that room. I was excited because I've never had a mantle before and I like styling little areas of my house. You can check it out here!

spooky mantle cat skeleton

This year I changed it up a bit and I like it even better.

Almost everything is from Michaels or World Market or Target last year. Some stuff I pulled from other places like the lanterns and vase. 

1. I went a little more simple on the mantle because we have a big piece of art up now that I didn't want to take down.

spooky mantle skeleton

2. I have furniture now so I was able to spread my stuff around on tables and shelves. 

spooky mantle skulls

Do you decorate for Halloween? 

My mom used to decorate for all the holidays and we loved it. I don't go that far. It's a little weird since we don't have kids. But Halloween and Christmas are my jam!