Ditch The Dryer Sheets

Are you guys using wool dryer balls yet? If not, you totally need to get some! We started using them long before oils because they are awesome. Adding oils makes them more awesomer though :) 

Originally we started because I can't do the scents on the dryer sheets. They really bother my allergies. I won't get into the bad stuff about the dryer sheets, but if you're interested a couple of google searches will give you some info. 

ditch the dryer sheets


Here are some benefits of using wool dryer balls:

1. Cuts down the drying time of wet clothes by 30-50% depending on your dryer. The balls create space between clothes which allows the air to circulate better which allows the clothes to dry more efficiently.

2. Saves money over dryer sheets because they are reusable. They typically last for 1500+ washes which is cray because I've seen a box of dryer sheets go for $8 at the grocery store. Check these ones out for $12! Dryer balls on Amazon

3. Softens your laundry and reduces wrinkles. 

4. Decreases static cling. Naturally.

5. Good for the planet. Duh!

6. Better for your family's health. This is one of those easy toxic swaps because it's cheap to get these bad boys and the benefits far outweigh the alternative.

My husband does our laundry (by choice!) and his favorite oil to use is Purification. He keeps his own bottles in his own laundry room that I stay out of haha. But seriously. He asks me not to go in there and mess stuff up. :)

Use any oil that you like the smell of! We've done purification, orange, citrus fresh, lavender - all really good. Of course, if you need the hook up on oils message me or head on over to my website: Get You Some Oils.