10 New Things To Learn When You're In a Rut

Do you ever have those times where you're in a rut and you don't feel good about much of anything? You confidence in your work is low or you're just not feeling good about the way you're managing life. Maybe someone said something to rattle you or you've been in a funk you can't shake.

Yep. I hear you! For me personally, I tend to get paralyzed by this feeling. I stop doing creative work and my productivity goes way down because I literally question everything I do. I've even caught myself looking on Pinterest for advice on how to do things I already know pretty well. What? It happens!

One of the best ways I can pull myself out of this is to learn something new. It works every time for me. I love learning. It makes me feel capable and accomplished and like I'm using my time wisely. It doesn't have to be a huge thing either. I'm not saying you need to go out and learn a new language, although if that's your thing - rock it, sister!

Here are 10 ideas for new things to learn when you're stuck in a rut:

  1. Learn something new about your favorite hobby. I love knitting and learning a new knit stitch makes me feel awesome. If you paint, you could try a new medium or learn a new technique. If you like photography, you could venture onto manual mode or just try shooting things you normally wouldn't.
  2. Grab a book about an area you are weak in. Need help leading your team? Grab a book. Need help managing your time? Grab a book.
  3. Listen to a podcast or watch a TedTalk about something that has always made you curious. It can be anything! I'm super into the psychology of crime and human behaviors so if you come into my office you're more than likely to find me listening to some weird crime podcast.
  4. Learn a new hobby altogether. Knitting, quilting, painting, hand-lettering, drawing, etc. There is so much out there that I don't know how to do so the possibilities are endless.
  5. Start a blog. You'll learn along the way with this one and bonus points for writing posts that teach others something!
  6. Learn how to fix something around the house. Fixing things is a dying art and even though my husband is super handy and I rely on him, I'd love to know how to do some things myself!
  7. Try a recipe where you cook or bake something new. You never know, this could end up being your signature dish.
  8. Give meditation a try. I know, I know! But seriously. It's something I've been learning about and experimenting with lately and it's changing my life. 
  9. Learn how to take better photos and edit them on your phone. I get a lot of questions about how to do this and I think it's a skill almost every woman/mom/ladyboss wants to improve!
  10. Take some time to reflect and learn something new about yourself. This is probably the best thing you can take time on and will pay the most dividends in years to come.

I hope that helps! I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments as well.