2 Awesome Carry Concealed Pistol Options For Women

When I first started carrying concealed I picked up the Ruger LC9, which was new at the time. I hadn't fired it yet, but based on the size I thought it would be a good option. There was a lot of praise for the Ruger LCP as a pocket carry which had been out for a while. We waited though because we like to have caliber commonality in our pistols and prefer 9mm.

Ruger LC9 (L) and Glock 43 (R)

Ruger LC9 (L) and Glock 43 (R)

As soon as I started shooting it at the range I knew I didn't like it. This is the first generation and the trigger pull is long. Really long. Especially for someone who was new to shooting and tended to anticipate the firing. The length also made it hard for me to get my finger on there flat since I have small hands. Lots of pulling to the right happened and I wasn't very accurate.

Still, we kept this around because it's a great pocket carry for my husband and a nice second option for me. I've thought about either replacing the trigger or trading it in for the new generation which I've heard has a much shorter pull.

I'll say upfront that we are big Glock fans in our house. We have several and when they announced they'd be releasing a subcompact 9mm called the G43 last year we watched. After hearing more about it I was pretty sure I'd just buy it, but wanted to fire it first.

We went to our range a few days after it came out and rented it. The one they had was pretty beat up already and the magazines were trash, but I fell in love. After target practice we walked out to the store and I bought one to take home.

The G43 is so smooth and easy to fire. There is almost no kick and it feels really good in the hands. My husband has much bigger hands than me and still loves to shoot it. We did put pinky guards on my magazines and some textured tape on the grip which for me makes it more comfortable.

It's about the same size as the LC9 and both are easy to conceal.