Why You Should Read Finish by Jon Acuff

In 2017 I took a break from reading my normal amount of business and personal development books. I was feeling burned out by the constant fluff and finding that I wasn't putting much into action. I also missed reading fiction. A lot.

What I did pick up I made sure I was intentional in picking.

Is this an area that I'm struggling in?

Do I want to learn more about this subject?

Can I commit to doing the work?



When I heard Jon Acuff was writing a new book about finishing I knew I would read it. Honestly, I'd read anything he writes, but finishing. That's something I need help with. Like a lot. HELP ME JON ACUFF!

I am and have always been a serial starter and a rare finisher. You name it and I've started it. 

Unfinished knitting projects. Half painted canvases. Abandoned business goals. Projects I was sure would change my life hung up in the planning stages. 

In this book Jon Acuff reminded me that perfectionism is stealing my finish. Even when I don't realize it. 

And then he taught me how to overcome it. I cannot wait to put this advice into action. 

I have so much to FINISH.

If you struggle with this, here's the book that is going to help you. If you do the work, of course. 

I put a link to buy it on Amazon in my profile to make your life easier because I think this book will do that. Get it right now!  Seriously.