How To Use Hashtags Effectively On Instagram

Last year I started to get more serious about trying to learn how to grow my Instagram following and this year I've been really concentrating on putting what I have learned in practice. It's still been a slow growing process, but there are a few things I have done to get my post viewed more so I want to share one strategy with you.


This is a pretty easy one, in my opinion, and only takes a few minutes of initial set-up. It's a habit for me now, but at the beginning when I would forget to do it initially I would notice the difference in views and likes immediately.

How to hashtag on Instagram.

1. Use 11-30 hashtags. Anything less than 11 is a waste and the limit is 30. I personally like to use all 30 as I find that gives me the most chance to widen my audience.

2. Hide hashtags in the comments. Do NOT post your photo caption and then put a zillion hashtags after it. You want to post your caption and then use the next comment for your hashtags. 

Here's an example of how my hashtags look on one of my posts when the comments are expanded. You'll notice my initial post caption and then right underneath the first comment was made by me and it's the:


3. Keep hashtag groups on your phone. I use the notes app on my iPhone. Since I'm trying to grow the brand of me, you'll notice that I post all sorts of different things - business tips, stuff about my life, home decor, oils and letter, etc. I have groupings for all of these.

If I were to scroll down on this note you'd see several groupings based on the subjects I post about. They all start with the 5 periods down a line:


4. Don't use the most popular hashtags. This will lessen the chances of your photo being seen. If you pull up #MotivationMonday and there are 8,234,961 posts under that tag, don't use it.

5. Find more niche hashtags based on what you're posting about. This will involve some research so you'll probably want to hit Pinterest. You can also search out hashtags and see the numbers right through Instagram.

Hope this helps!