9 Productive Things To Do For Your Business When You Have Nothing To Do

One of the questions I get asked a lot from my team is "what do you do on a daily basis for your business?" The answer can be tricky because there are very few things I do daily besides eating, sleeping, brushing my teeth and moving my body in at least some small way. Honestly, the rest is just a bonus for me because my day job keeps me very busy! I know other self-employed and side-hustle folks can relate. Even if you don't have a day/night job you probably have a family and chores and just life to keep up with. It's a lot! But hey, we can do hard things. :)

I think what happens sometimes is that we feel like we've done it all for our business and there are days or weeks when we're just not sure what to do. If you're treating your business like a business then you know you should be doing SOMETHING though. Building a business isn't always about closing a sale. So what do you do after you've replied to all your messages, sent all your happy mail, posted on social media, etc?


1. Weekly Goals. Decide on a few things you want to achieve this week (talk to 3 new people about your product, post on social media 6x times, etc) and get them down on paper. Leave them somewhere that you'll see them daily so they don't slip your mind when things get busy because you know they will!

2. Monthly Schedule. I'm not a schedule type of person, but I have to admit that I have more productive months when I at least write stuff down loosely. One thing I really like about this is that it gets it onto paper (or on your computer, phone, whatever) so you are setting intentions which is the first step.

3. Clean. Tackle your desk or your whole office/workspace. A little chaos is not bad and they even say it helps both creativity and productivity, but seriously - if your desk looks like a bomb went off then you need to get cleaning!

4. Organize. It doesn't matter what it is because we all have multiple areas of our office/workspace that need some help. Put all your mailing stuff together so happy mail is easier. Make sure all your product is together so it's easier to mail. Get all your reference material in order and make it easy to grab for next time you need to look something up.

5. Take Photos. Get your phone and stage some fun photos to be used on social media over the next couple of weeks and months. Don't forget to do photos for personal posts too since it's not always about your business. It's such a relief to just go on your camera roll and pull a photo for a post when you're feeling busy or uninspired someday!

6. Edit Photos. Get the photos you just took totally ready for social media. Bonus points for putting them in a folder on your phone or computer so they are easier to find!

7. Write Content. Get some posts together to use with the photos you've taken and edited already. BOOM! You've got full posts just ready to go. You can even take these and throw them on your monthly schedule too.

8. LEARN. Read a chapter, listen to a podcast, watch a TED talk, flip through a magazine until you find an interesting and relevant article. Is there some area where you feel you're lacking? Could be sales closing, emotional intelligence, leadership, whatever - pick the topic and find something to learn. With the internet today there is literally no reason you can give me for why you aren't learning something everyday. And no, time isn't one!

9. Brain Dump. Grab a notebook and your favorite pen and sit somewhere comfortable for an hour. Write down everything that comes to mind with regard to your business. Goals, where you want to be next year and in 5 years, how you think you can get there, where you need to improve, ideas for your next business move, and on and on and on. Just write it all down and go back to it later for inspiration.

Hope that gives you guys some ideas! I'd love to hear what you do it in your downtime too.